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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows

Media: Barri Leiner Grant, Writer, Stylist

Vendor: 86 Vintage
Choice: Moroccan pouf
Why Worthy: A hint of vintage!

Best Booth:
Amelia Jane
Why Worthy: Brass for days!


Designer: Colleen Kinder, ASID/Platinum Coast Design
Vendor: Cori Zuckerman
Choice: Vintage leopard muff/purse, $495
Why Worthy: Very fashionable in a 70’s vibe!

Best Booth: Cori Zuckerman
Why Worthy: Vintage handbags, furs, jewelry all laid out beautifully & inspirational!


Designer: Nora Schneider, Nora Schneider Interior Design
Vendor: South Loop Loft
Choice: Arthur Dining Table, $1000
Why Worthy: Crazy good table!

Best Booth: Cori Zuckerman
Why Worthy: All my favorite fashion finds!


Media: Anna Carlson, Make it Better
Vendor: Barbara’s Antiques
Choice: Vintage Keys, $3
Why Worthy: I love vintage keys and these are so affordable!

Best Booth: Montalbano
Why Worthy: I love the typewriter!

Designer: Susan Schmidt, Susan Schmidt Interior Design, Inc.
Vendor: King Art LLC
Choice: Green and Black abstract print
Why Worthy: Great abstract print, interesting color.

Best Booth: Cori Zuckerman
Why Worthy: Amazing pieces for every occasion


Designer: Bill Romac, Platinum Coast Design
Vendor: Dooley Restored
Choice: Robot Lamp
Why Worthy: A great 50’s futuristic piece! Very “metropolis”!

Best Booth: Strangelovely
Why Worthy: Great pieces arranged beautifully and stylishly!


Media: Candace Sing, Singaturestyle Blog
Vendor: Estate Chicago
Choice: Lucite Tray, $35
Why Worthy: Unique and different.
Best Booth: Strangelovely
Why Worthy: Draws you in with the cozy rugs!


Designer: Karen Carpino, Karen Carpino Design
Vendor: Xavier's 20th Century Design
Choice: Cocktail Table

Best Booth: Strangelovely

Media: Carol Calacci, Second City Style
Vendor: Carrie’s Crossroad
Choice: 1960 Black wool dress, $39
Why Worthy: Stylish!
Best Booth: Kevin G
Why Worthy: Price, selection and style!


Designer: Leslie Bowman, Wells Street Design
Vendor: Delicious Shoe
Choice: Dekode haven, $265
Why Worthy: Stylish boot for the fall and its my favorite color, blue!

Best Booth: Strangelovely
Why Worthy: Eclectic style of décor and fashion.


Designer: Jeannie Balsam, Jeannie Balsam
Vendor: Shop NOV
Choice: Globe
Why Worthy: Fun and neutral colors!

Best Booth:
Delicious Shoe
Why Worthy: So unique!


Event Planner: Lori Stephenson, LOLA Event Productions
Vendor: Xavier's 20th Century Design
Choice: Pair of end tables
Why Worthy: Great condition, beautiful lines

Best Booth: Strangelovely
Why Worthy: Well curated, well displayed, not so expensive so you can buy buy buy

Designer: Christine Baumbach, Christine Baumbach Design
Vendor: Ellen Klein Antiques
Choice: Deco chrome bowl, $275
Why Worthy: Love the blue


Media: Christine Rosko, Life with a side of coffee
Vendor: Cleveland Auction Company
Choice: French Desk with ironworks base, $625
Why Worthy: Beautiful piece!
Best Booth: Hopscotch & Soda
Why Worthy: Beautiful design, can tell they really put a lot of thought into it


Blogger: Kristen Sullivan,
Vendor: The Gallery/Dan
Choice: Cherry Dress, $29.95
Why Worthy: The sweetest little vintage dress I’ve ever seen!

Best Booth: What Knots
Why Worthy: So much cool stuff!


Media: Meredith Rice,
Vendor: Finds and Finishes
Choice: Pineapple, $45.00
Why Worthy: Unique and perfect for a home!

Best Booth: What Knots
Why Worthy: So much unique stuff.

Blogger: Sarah Lagan,
Vendor: Delve Chicago
Choice: Metal Filing Cabinet
Why Worthy: Vintage cabinets for an office and great color.

Best Booth: Tweed Creative Vintage
Why Worthy: $225 pair of pineapple lamps


Designer: Terry Gebert, Terry Gebert Design
Vendor: Philip Smith
Choice: Vasserell Marilyn, $2500
Why Worthy: Haunting

Best Booth:
Loki Zuckerman Style Consultation
Why Worthy: Everything delicious!


Media: Jessie Barber,
Vendor: Diane Landry
Choice: Grey Suede Fringe Jacket, $85
Why Worthy: Fringe is so in for fall! This grey is a nice change from my standard black.

Best Booth: Canary Lane
Why Worthy: Such a refreshing change! Love the plants and patterns!


Designer: Zach Hayes,
Vendor: Flower Child
Choice: Cerused Oak Nesting Tables, $125
Why Worthy: Gorgeous finish, perfect scale.

Best Booth: Megillicutti
Why Worthy: Great assortment and well styled

Media: Jill Hovanes,
Vendor: Scott Bvell
Choice: 6 Drawer dresser, $65.00
Why Worthy: So much character
Best Booth: Hopscotch & Soda
Why Worthy: The sweetest seller with great dresses


Media: Alison Fraker,
Vendor: J & J Garage
Choice: Mid-century club chair, $350
Why Worthy: Beautiful mid-century representation

Best Booth: Long Horn Inn
Why Worthy: Best selection!


Designer: Nadine Horwitz,
Vendor: Against the Grain
Choice: Hunter green trunk
Why Worthy: Great accent to any room

Designer: Amanda Wolfson,
Vendor: Hopscotch & Soda
Choice: Plaid wool blanket
Why Worthy: Staple piece for the home and Chicago winter

Best Booth: Shownbora Studios

Blogger: Kyla Herbes,
Vendor: James XiSlad
Choice: Girls at Beach painting, $165
Why Worthy: Beautiful blue & indigo coloring

Best Booth: South Loop Loft
Why Worthy: Very Loungy- hip, modern, boho fun!


Blogger: Aramide Esubi,
Vendor: Kevin G. The Red Leopard Crocodile
Choice: Limited Edition Lizard Bag, $300
Why Worthy: Beautiful, timeless fashion piece- dress up any look with it!

Best Booth: South Loop Loft
Why Worthy: Beautiful pieces for your home with just the right touch of vintage!


Media: Helena Kim,
Vendor: King Art LCC
Choice: 1940’s green lamp, $95
Why Worthy: Amazing shade of green with timeless design

Best Booth: Canary Lane
Why Worthy: Amazing set up with bright colors and plants!


Designer: Michael Del Piero,
Vendor: Amelia Jane Vintage
Choice: Gold elephant, $69
Best Booth: K.B.K African Art

Designer: Richard Abrahamson,
Vendor: Blasfemme Design Co
Choice: Wooden Spoon
Why Worthy: Very good use of wood

Best Booth: Amelia Jane Vintage
Why Worthy: Great display and cool stuff


Media: Kari Herrera,
Vendor: Mike’s Bikes
Choice: Black Schwinn with basket, $360
Why Worthy: Quality refurbishing, long lasting bikes

Best Booth: Penelope Pumpkernickel
Why Worthy: Most “loved” by editors, unique, gorgeous pieces!


Blogger: Nicole Balch,
Vendor: Canyon Company
Choice: Santa Domingo Native American Vase, $235
Why Worthy: Beautiful designs and craftsmanship

Best Booth: South Loop Loft
Why Worthy: Amazing finds, well-displayed


Designer: Donna Mondi,
Vendor: Posy Fisher
Choice: Set of 4 dining chairs, $350
Why Worthy: Fun, colorful and mod

Best Booth: Finds and Finishes
Why Worthy: Variety of eras & styles, great modifications to existing pieces

Media: Lauren LaRoche,
Vendor: Bare Knuckle Workshop
Choice: Eye Chart, $75
Why Worthy: Vintage!

Best Booth: Lehman’s Antiques
Why Worthy: Well created, well-priced, huge selection of unique items


Designer: Tamika M. Price,
Vendor: Suffron Vintage
Choice: Christian LaCroix Fuschia Vest with gold buttons
Why Worthy: It’s everything! I love the color, gold buttons and polka dot lining


Media: Brenna Brown,
Vendor: Love Shack Collectibles
Choice: Optical glasses light, $380
Why Worthy: Vintage, quirky, fun
Best Booth: South Loop Loft
Why Worthy: Love the feminine, preppy, palm beach vibe


Media: Katie Cahmann,
Vendor: Rebellion Bags
Choice: Black Tibetan wool bag
Why Worthy: It’s classy, sleek & chic and it kind of mirrors the fringe trend that’s hot right now, but then can still keep wearing after trend ends

Best Booth: Hopscotch & Soda
Why Worthy: I wanted to buy the whole booth! Beautiful, classy vintage pieces

Designer: Susan Brunstrum,
Vendor: Paper Patty
Choice: A series of 6 pen & ink 1940’s organic artwork, $20 each
Why Worthy: Timeless
Best Booth: Longhorn Inn
Why Worthy: Hand picked hides- I bought four!


Designer: Erin Van,
Vendor: Zig Zag
Choice: Acrylic Lamps, $200
Why Worthy: Excellent condition and great décor item

Best Booth: Guapa
Why Worthy: Excellent merchandise display!


Media: Leilani Wertens,
Vendor: Walter Myers Modern
Choice: Bitossi Plate
Why Worthy: Vibrant colors

Best Booth: Amelia Jane Vintage
Why Worthy: Fantastic Displays, love the mix of natural materials with the brass and art


Media: Jess Keys,
Vendor: 29 Palms
Choice: Vintage trunk
Why Worthy: Industrial-chic! Lots of history, too.

Best Booth: Amelia Jane Vintage
Why Worthy: Well curated shop- so much personality!

Media: Lindzi Shanks,
Vendor: Anna Franz
Choice: Gold bar cart
Why Worthy: Perfect for parties & serving

Best Booth: Lisa of Urban Dandilion
Why Worthy: Always has an amazing set up of redone pieces and cohesive brand aestheic


Media: Jessica Berson,
Vendor: Distinct Bath Body
Choice: Guiness Soap, $8
Why Worthy: Gorgeous smell, nothing like beer soap to wake you up!
Best Booth: J.S Sculpture
Why Worthy: Incredibly unique and functional


Media: Desiree Valsquez,
Vendor: Jewels and Bloom
Choice: Long necklace with charm
Why Worthy: Beautiful jewelry that screams laid-back Americana

Best Booth: South Loop Loft
Why Worthy: They’re super friendly, and the home décor pieces are beautiful


Media: Marianne Naughton, The Naughton Weekly
Vendor: The Way We Were
Choice: Jewelry table, $265
Why Worthy: One-of-a-kind!

Best Booth: Old Good Things
Why Worthy: Unique items


Designer, Deborah Reinhart,
Vendor: Cori Zurchemon
Choice: Panther Purse, $695
Why Worthy: Unique!
Best Booth:
Kiosco Salvage
Why Worthy: Unique, adaptive reuse
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